Get Ready For End Of Summer Celebrations


It’s the end of summer and we’re ready to celebrate! Our end-of-summer, picnic themed event will feature food and beverages served in our recently re-opened showroom. We’re inviting local foodservice business owners and managers to enjoy our summer celebration to learn more about how our brands can help improve your profits.

History of Alto Hartley in the Community

Based out of Washington, D.C. and serving Virginia and Maryland, Alto-Hartley is a dealer and distributor of more than 500 manufacturers of commercial kitchen equipment. We also have clients in all 50 states who purchase our commercial kitchen equipment.

Our company itself first took shape in the 1950s when Al Reynolds and Tony Greco started selling appliances. They later added restaurant equipment to the mix and named the company Alto, a mix of their two first names. As time progressed, Al moved on from the business and Jack Hartley became part of the sales team at Alto. Tony ended up closing Alto in the 1970s to concentrate on other interests. Jack moved away until the early 1980s. He then returned to the D.C. area and wanted to open a restaurant equipment business. In tribute to the prior business, he got permission to use the Alto name, and Alto-Hartley was born!

Why We Love a Picnic (and Paninis)

When individuals think of picnics, they often think of sandwiches. As part of our summer celebration event, we couldn’t leave this staple out. So we’re incorporating these handheld delicious meals in a unique way. Instead of traditional peanut butter and jelly sandwiches or hoagies, we’ll be featuring paninis and relying on the trusty Waring Panini Maker to make them. The Waring Panini Maker is perfect for any restaurant’s panini needs, as it is great for grilled sandwiches and has ventless capabilities. The equipment can also grill hamburgers, chicken, and vegetables, making it extremely versatile.

Setting the Serving Theme

The picnic-themed event will also rely on Tablecraft products to help set the theme for the event. Tablecraft makes many types of products, including cold beverage dispensers, dispensing pumps and plastic squeeze bottles for condiments and plastic baskets to serve food in. These types of products are perfect for the picnic-themed event, but can also be used by restaurants and caterers in the local community.

Holding the Food & Keeping it Hot

Lastly, the event will feature Hatco heated shelves in this summer celebration event. Hatco heated shelves are designed for short-term food handling situations, such as an event. The design of the shelf allows for uniform heat distribution along the entire surface. This is important to help maintain an even and consistent temperature in the food that is being heated above. Not only does the shelf keep the food warm, but it also helps to provide a stylish serving and display solution.

Don’t miss out on this event where we’ll showcase some of our favorite pieces of commercial kitchen equipment. This is sure to be a fun event for business owners to see some of the equipment that Alto-Hartley has on hand.

Ready to start saving? Use the QR code below to download a coupon to use when you visit our showroom during our summer celebration.