Using the Latest Technology to Prepare for the Seasonal Restaurant Rush


Preparing a restaurant for the seasonal holiday rush becomes paramount as the holidays approach. Seasonal foodservice demands increase, and customers adore being able to order seasonal menu items and take home tasty holiday treats. However, managing the increase in seasonal foodservice volume can be a challenge. To satisfy customers, serve customers efficiently, and increase profits during the holiday season, it’s crucial to prepare the restaurant for the holidays.

Facts and Figures About the Holiday Seasonal and Dining

While inflation has been a persistent challenge for foodservice establishments over the past two years, most restaurants are still relying on seasonal foodservice activity and profits, and they’re focusing on preparing a restaurant for the holidays. This is due to the annual Q4 increase restaurants consistently see due to the holiday season and general consumer spending habits.

With 77 percent of consumers planning to order from restaurants during the holiday season, preparing a restaurant for the holidays and ensuring a restaurant engages in seasonal foodservice best practices is vital to the establishment’s bottom line and operational success.

Seasonal foodservice means choosing the right menu items for the holiday. Smart restaurants tend to offer Halloween treats, fall seasonal goodies that work for Thanksgiving (such as pumpkin-based foods or butternut squash soup), then switch to a winter holiday menu once the season arrives. Restaurant operators can plan a roll-out and switch from one holiday to the next, October through the new year.

Assessing Your Kitchen’s Readiness for the Seasonal Holiday Rush

Seasonal foodservice readiness is crucial for preparing a restaurant for the holidays. When assessing the readiness of a restaurant, it’s key for the restaurant operator to evaluate current kitchen equipment, perform maintenance or repairs on existing equipment, and consider investing in upgrades such as ventless cooking to accommodate customer demand during the holiday season. Assessment is something best done in conjunction with holiday menu planning.

To prevent problems, keep a close watch on inventory management. Make a solid plan to reduce food waste, and keep informed about supply chain issues. Having backup menu items in the event of supply chain problems is a great way to continue to delight customers — they won’t even know there’s been an interruption to the original plan!

How Technology Can Help with The Holiday Rush

Technology can aid in handling the seasonal foodservice industry rush. Preparing a restaurant for the holidays should involve the use of technology that aids in food safety improvements, enhances the customer experience, and provides flexibility and adaptability to new menus and holiday event needs.

Cloud-based monitoring is an ideal way to help manage food safety and inventory. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can assist in ordering, logistics, inventory, cooking, and food management to reduce waste and increase food safety. AI can also help customers avoid allergens and keep customers engaged — and it can be programmed especially for fun and creative interactions during the holiday season. This is especially useful for customers with children.

The right technological upgrades can save time and money when preparing a restaurant for the holidays and assessing seasonal foodservice challenges. Delight customers, reduce staffing stress, and plan for success with the latest technology to ensure success and profit in Q4.

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