The Role of Artificial Intelligence and ChatGPT in Foodservice


ChatGPT, a type of artificial intelligence (AI), is getting much focus across many industries, and foodservice is one of them. Though it may not seem like a simple connection, using AI, specifically ChatGPT, in foodservice can create numerous opportunities for improved customer service, lower labor costs, and enhanced revenue for companies. 

Improving the Customer Experience with AI

Consider ways foodservice automation through AI can improve the experience for today’s companies in one of the most competitive industries. Look at these examples and see how they may apply.

Customer Support

Integrate a chatbot in a company’s website or app. In doing so, managing customer inquiries, reservations, and general information becomes possible without hiring a human to do the work. Artificial intelligence chatbots provide a fast, accurate, and highly effective response to common questions. This ensures that staff can manage more complex tasks with improved efficiency.

Menu Recommendations

Chatbots will analyze what the customer preferences are. They will then make menu recommendations based on those preferences and availability, diet restrictions, taste, or other available data. That means customers are more likely to receive a dish they will enjoy. Providing options that appeal to the customers based on their preferences makes them more likely to continue to use this service.

Language Support

Restaurants today reach a broad and diverse base of customers. An AI chatbot for foodservice can provide support in multiple languages to easily communicate and meet the needs of a wide range of customers. This allows for the freeing up of labor dollars as multiple people will not need to handle orders.

Allergen Information

ChatGPT can instantly answer questions about allergens and food ingredients that could help to protect their life and give them confidence when placing an order. Information can also be easily updated as menus change, ensuring that the information provided to the customer is always accurate.

Engagement and Entertainment

AI in foodservice can offer a variety of ways to interact and engage customers while they wait for their food. That might include trivia related to the restaurant, funny jokes, or any other interesting facts to keep them engaged.

Achieving Operational Efficiency with AI

Foodservice automation continues to be one of the best ways for companies to improve revenue. Artificial intelligence is one tool to facilitate that. ChatGPT allows customers to place orders, make reservations, or engage with the restaurant without using a person. That may include taking orders, navigating the menu, and confirming reservations. In addition, customers always have access to the most up-to-date information about daily specials, promotions, and discounts. 

No customer enjoys waiting, but with an automated chatbot, it is possible to manage waitlist times during peak hours better. This software can help companies provide better, more accurate wait information and aid in improving the flow of customers through the location.

Innovate and Improve with AI

Artificial intelligence can empower companies to make better decisions that help improve their business operations. A chatbot can collect feedback from customers after their dining experience. With no need for human involvement, there’s a clear path for customers to share challenges and successes in a streamlined manner, allowing companies to gather insights, analyze statements and sentiments, and identify areas for improvement based on near real-time data.

For those customers who use the website or app to learn more about a restaurant before visiting and decide to visit, ChatGPT can offer help through a virtual tour of the restaurant. Showing customers the ambiance, layout, décor, seating options, and overall experience will likely ease their concerns and encourage a visit.

Companies can also use ChatGPT to increase their average check by suggesting additional items to order to complement the meal. This can often lead to upselling opportunities, even encouraging customers to add to their check for tips.

With a chatbot like this, it is also possible to streamline the reservation process, making the forgotten reservation a thing of the past. The chatbot will send out reminders before the reservation time and can also provide in-the-moment updates on availability.

The utilization of artificial intelligence in the restaurant industry is an easy plus. AI in foodservice will improve many companies’ customer loyalty, brand recognition, and revenue while helping reduce labor costs without negatively impacting the customer experience.

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