Tips for Upselling in Your Washington, D.C. Restaurant


There’s only a small amount of time that a customer is in a restaurant. This means owners and operators must provide a memorable experience and make a profit during these brief customer visits. Upselling is an important part of that equation, so let’s take a look at a few upselling tips for Virginia, Maryland, and Washington, D.C. restaurant owners.


The easiest way to suggestive sell is to have your staff members provide the suggestions. There’s nothing more effective than the power of word-of-mouth, so train all your staff members to make the proper suggestions.


Creating the perfect menu means a variety of things. First of all, your proverbial menu should be focused to provide what you do best. Whether it’s a specific cuisine or style, your food will ultimately make an impression. Your physical menu is also important. Whether you’re a QSR in Arlington that uses an illuminated menu board or you’re a fine dining establishment in Georgetown, make sure your menu reads the way you want it to and presents your menu accordingly.


Customers will respond to your space. Consider the design of your establishment, and make sure it’s arranged to maximize profit potential. A great example of this can be grab-n-go merchandisers or foodservice display cases. If they’re placed in the right location and are arranged the right way, the potential for your foodservice operation to upsell is greatly increased.


Whether you’re pumping out hundreds of orders during a Saturday night dinner rush, or serving gelato, the right equipment can make all the difference. Best practices for upselling in your restaurant often begin way before the customer even enters the building. By choosing the right equipment to optimize the potential for an inviting space, you will make it much easier to upsell in your restaurant.

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