4 Hot Pizza Trends that Restaurants and Pizzerias Can’t Ignore


There’s a reason we devote a whole month to pizza. We love it. In fact, 41% of Americans eat pizza at least once a week. Pizza was a $45 billion industry in the United States in 2016 alone. For restaurant or pizzeria operators, knowing the latest pizza trends is as important as knowing how to toss the dough, especially when they can be worth so much dough.

As we celebrate National Pizza Month, let’s examine four of the hottest pizza trends happening in foodservice.

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New Styles and Old Favorites

Pizza style popularity changes by the area code – deep dish in Chicago, thin crust in St. Louis, or square pizza in Detroit. One thing is certain, no matter where you reside, pizza is arguably the most popular dish. That loyalty to certain pizza styles may never diminish, but new takes on traditional favorites have taken hold. Breakfast pizza is just one example of a pizza style growing in popularity. Swapping eggs for tomato sauce is expanding menus and profitability.

Healthy Options

Across all facets of foodservice, demand for healthier, fresher ingredients has never been higher. Whether it’s locally sourced mozzarella or a wider variety of vegetable toppings, consumers want to feel better about what they eat. That’s reflected on pizza menus, as well, with more toppings and variations than ever before.

Fast-Casual Pizza

From burritos to sandwiches, made-to-order menu items are here to stay. Fast-casual chains have popped up everywhere replicating this style of foodservice. Why are they so popular? Guests enjoy seeing their pizza made right in front of them, customizing their toppings from a vast selection of options, and having their pizza cooked in just minutes. The transparency is also a huge draw for adoring customers.

Advances in Pizza Equipment

Speed and high-volume are two of the biggest challenges for a pizza program in Virginia, Maryland, or Washington, D.C. As the pizza making process has evolved, so too has pizza cooking equipment. Look no further than the brick oven, the true mark of a classic Italian pizzeria. However, advancement in technology doesn’t keep traditional cooking methods from advancing themselves. Marra Forni’s line of wood fired pizza ovens, gas pizza ovens, and electric pizza ovens not only can handle high-volume pizza orders, but they look great doing it too.

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