AviAir Partners with Morton Salt to Offer More Anti-Pathogen Options


Have you heard the recent great news about salt? It seems that salt is highly effective at killing pathogens. Yes, that’s right- ordinary table salt and water will take on even the most contaminated surfaces and win! The AVIAIR Kitchen Clean combines these two simple, cheap, and easily available components and turns them into a pathogen’s worst nightmare.

How Does the AVIAIR Kitchen Clean Work?

The technology behind the AVIAIR Kitchen Clean’s effectiveness is amazingly simple. It uses electricity to turn water and table salt into electrolyzed oxidizing water. This remarkable water is highly effective at killing germs because it draws the water out of them by osmosis. These desiccated germs then collapse and quickly die.

Electrolyzed oxidizing water is just as effective as rubbing alcohol, bleach, and disinfecting wipes or solutions at killing bacteria and mycobacteria. In addition, it kills all fungi, bacillus, and even bacterial spores. No wonder people have been using salt to preserve meat and fish against spoilage-causing molds and bacteria for millennia. It simply works. Cleaning and food surfaces can finally co-exist with no fear of foul- even around fowl.

How Safe Is It?

This electrolyzed oxidizing water (also called hypochlorous acid) is actually 100 times more effective at killing pathogens than chlorine bleach. Despite that fact, it’s perfectly safe to use. It’s actually already present in your body’s germ-killing white blood cells.

This makes it an ideal sanitizer for use in hospitals, nursing homes, and childcare facilities. In restaurants, it can be used on anything you can spray. You can even clean fruits, vegetables, and herbs with it. It’s known as “nature’s disinfectant.”

It’s Official

The AviAir PureSense is now officially certified to take on the coronavirus. The University of Birmingham in England conducted independent testing to ensure that the AviAir PureSense could, indeed, tackle the dreaded COVID-19 pathogen. This independent testing and certification was important because some germs (like certain strains of Staphylococcus) have defenses against the killing power of salt. Fortunately, COVID-19 is not among those few.

It takes less than 20 seconds for hypochlorous acid to kill the COVID-19 pathogen. This safe, natural, and remarkably speedy cleaning method means that the AviAir PureSense can replace more toxic chemicals like bleach in your cleaning routine. This is especially important in the wintertime when people spend more time indoors where germs tend to congregate. The last thing you want to do is add toxins to that already poor air quality.

Using a natural and environmentally-friendly option like the AVIAIR PureSense lets you kill the germs safely and effectively without compromising the indoor air quality. With all the extra cleaning required recently, that’s a huge consideration.

Pairing Up With Morton Salt

By partnering with the iconic Morton Salt company, AVIAIR is expanding their anti-pathogen safety options.  It hasn’t officially been released yet, but there’s a travel-size option on its way. This smaller version of the regular model is perfect for college dorm rooms, classrooms, or other small spaces. It’s even compact enough to take with you when you’re traveling.

When asked why this partnership is important, President of AviAir US Randall Satin states, “Producing non-toxic kitchen cleaner from salt electrolyzed in tap water has taken 50 years to develop. Alto-Hartley and Morton Salt are natural partners for our science. Each are deeply committed to providing innovative kitchen solutions.”

Soon, you’ll be able to disinfect on the go with this travel-size unit. And, just like with the original AVIAIR PureSense, the power of electrified salt and water will banish pathogens from your path! That’s an important power to have even in a post-pandemic world where germs and pathogens of all kinds still abound. Fortunately for all of us, the AVIAIR PureSense stops even the worst contamination in its tracks!