AviAir PureSense Update: Now Officially Certified!


Back in July, we introduced the AVIAIR PureSense, a sanitizing system that uses the simple elements of table salt and water to kill bacteria quickly, safely, and effectively. We’re now pleased to report that this chemical-free, fully sustainable system was recently independently tested by the University of Birmingham in England and is now certified to kill the pathogen that spreads COVID-19!

How It Works

Salt has long been recognized for its ability to kill certain types of bacteria. Even before people began knowingly using it as a cleansing agent, they were adding it to their preserved food, having recognized the beneficial effects of salted foods.

Eventually, science caught up with tradition, and we now understand why salt kills many types of bacteria. By sucking the moisture out of them through a process called osmosis, salt prevents certain bacterial proteins from functioning correctly, eventually causing the cell to collapse in upon itself. However, this isn’t a universal principle.

Some bacteria can tolerate salt; they are halotolerant. Certain strains of Staphylococcus, responsible for infections, blood poisoning, and even death, are halotolerant. These pathogens have a salt alert system that uses sponge-like molecules to prevent water loss. (Science Focus)

Because salt isn’t a sure-fire solution, the AVIAIR PureSense system needed to be officially tested against the pathogen that causes COVID-19 before we could ensure that it is, in fact, a smart choice in keeping your commercial kitchens safe. The good news? It totally is!

Why Certification Matters

Indoor air quality has always been of vital concern. According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), this is a special cause for scrutiny because Americans spend, on average, 90% of their time indoors.

Unfortunately, spending so much time inside makes people even more susceptible to any number of potential pollutants.

  • Combustion byproducts such as carbon monoxide, particulate matter, and environmental tobacco smoke
  • Substances of natural origin such as radon, pet dander, and mold
  • Biological agents such as molds
  • Pesticides, lead, and asbestos
  • Ozone (from some air cleaners)
  • Various volatile organic compounds from a variety of products and materials

With the threat of COVID-19 in the mix, however, concerns regarding indoor air quality and its relationship to virus transmission have only grown. Though the virus is thought to spread most effectively from person-to-person contact, a growing amount of evidence suggests that it can also remain airborne and infect people through shared contaminated surfaces, particularly in indoor environmentsBecause people have been spending so much time indoors due to lockdown measures, it’s that much more important to pay attention to sanitizing our indoor surfaces! 

Now that the AVIAIR PureSense system has been certified as able to officially kill the pathogen that spreads COVID-19 (in less than 20 seconds!) without needing to be wiped off, we can even more heartily recommend that it is an absolutely vital addition to your commercial kitchen. Not only will it guard your staff (and thereby the community that you serve!) against the potential spread of COVID-19, but it will also help kill many other types of harmful bacteria as well. 

We Can Help

Here at Auto Hartley, we want to do whatever we can to ensure a safe and effective reopening process for you, your kitchen, and your surrounding community. Our goal is to see you survive this difficult season and thrive for many years to come. The AVIAIR PureSense system is just another step in making that happen. To learn more about maintaining good air quality levels in your kitchen, killing bacteria on your flat surfaces, or to discuss other strategies for success, please feel free to contact us at any time.

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